Potential Of Peptide ACE 031 For Treating Neuromuscular Disease

ACE 031 is ActRIIB [Activin Receptor – IIB type] soluble protein. It is a protein that blocks Myostatin and stimulates muscle mass size along with other human growth aspects. The protein is still used to determine if it can be applied for the human therapeutic purpose of muscle building and endurance.

How does the peptide ACE 031 work?

In ACE 031 peptide therapy, the protein allows molecules to attach to the cell surface receptors called Activin Receptor Type IIB. When the part of the ActRIIB receptor is fused with an antibody portion a synthesized protein is prepared. This ActRIIB decoy version circulates and inhibits GDF-8 protein or Myostatin and other particles that restrict the growth and strength of muscles.

The TGF-B superfamily proteins regulate muscle growth and strength. It is a switch for turning muscle production on and off. To switch the muscle growth off GDF-8 molecules blend with the ActRIIB receptor. So, for muscle mass growth there is a need to inhibit GDF-8 molecules. Research in animals has proved that the AGE-031 drug inhibits GDF-8 production, allowing the muscles to grow rapidly in size.

Potential of ACE 031 protein drug

The proteins are still not FDA-approved for human consumption. However, it is used in lab research to determine its ability to increase muscle mass and cure neuromuscular disorders.

ACE 031 & muscle growth

According to scientists, it has a huge promise for treatment associated with neurological disorders like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and muscular dystrophy. In ALS conditions, muscle mass dissolves, and muscular dystrophy is connected directly to a patient’s death.

Research on animals with cancer cachexia and renal failure has benefitted from the myostatin-inhibiting drug ACE 031. The other benefits include decreased inflammation, reduced body fat, enhanced insulin sensitivity, and augmented bone mineralization. In mice, it has been revealed to improve muscle mass of any fiber type.

ACE 031 & neuromuscular diseases

In clinical human study in phase I single dosage conducted by a leading biopharmaceutical company offered a significant amount of optimistic safety data. It even revealed the action of fat, bone, and muscle after a single dosage. It improved muscle volume and lean mass rapidly as well as fat mass and bone formation biomarkers. These results influenced the researchers to start a multi-dosage clinical trial for treating patients suffering from neuromuscular disorders.

The use of the compound revealed no adverse effects. The ongoing study is helping to discover more and more good effects of this peptide. Researchers are gaining more confidence about its safety in their scientific investigation.

Regular follow of its dosage cycle showed enhanced skeletal muscle development. In two weeks, the participants gained over 2 pounds. It is a peptide that reduces leptin and improves adiponectin. The different dosage levels provoked temporary and modest side effects. The common side effects a few participants in the clinical trial showed were temporary like headaches or nosebleeds.

Does ACE 031 really work?

The reality is ACE 031 works. Several studies report its potential to inhibit chemicals limiting muscle development and strength. Scientists across the world are getting interested and keen to find more about its benefits to human health. The benefits of its include –

  • Increase in muscle size and lean mass
  • Fat burning
  • Increased bone strength
  • Augmented blood circulation
  • Enhanced athletic performance

The compound injections need appropriate storage. It can be stored for 3 months at room temperature and at a cool temperature [2°C to 8°C] for several more months. If kept below 2°C, it can be preserved for the long term. To keep peptides functioning properly, the right storage condition is essential to prevent any DNA degradation.


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