Health Carousel Applauded For Helping Communities

Health Carousel has met the workforce needs of hospitals and clinics throughout all 50 states since 2004. Since its founding 18 years ago, Health Carousel has worked to ensure that there are enough qualified and trained medical professionals working in U.S. healthcare facilities to meet patient demand. Health Carousel is a ray of light in a world where there is a global nursing shortage with a number of initiatives in place that are meant to ensure that future generations have access to trained and qualified nursing staff.

Awards and Gratitude

Health Carousel, a pioneer in the healthcare staffing sector, has established a strong reputation for providing licensed healthcare professionals, fostering a diverse workplace, and supporting staff members who desire to contribute their time, money, or both to charity organizations. Health Carousel has received several accolades and awards, both in its home state of Ohio and in other areas. Health Carousel, situated in Cincinnati, Ohio, is happy to have won the following awards:

  • Daisy Foundation Award
  • Cincinnati Business Courier – Honoring Healthcare Heroes
  • Community Service Award
  • Cincinnati, Ohio’s Top Workplace
  • Best Place to Work in Dayton, Ohio
  • Dayton Business Journal’s Top 25 Healthiest Employers in Dayton, Ohio
  • Ernst & Young’s 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year

Traveling Nurses Division of Health Carousel

Traveling nurses make up a major portion of the healthcare sector. These nurses travel infrequently between places as needed. As part of their services, they provide both general and specialized training. Health Carousel has a second division, Health Carousel Travel Nursing, that caters only to traveling nurses in order to quickly address urgent staffing needs in all 50 states. They often get calls from both medical facilities and traveling nurses looking for short- or medium-term nursing work since their system for matching a traveling nurse with a required healthcare facility is so well-oiled.

Temporary Absences Filled by Health Carousel

A substitute must be recruited when paid medical staff personnel like physicians and practitioners need to take time off. In such circumstances, Health Carousel Locum Tenens fills a vital need. The task of Health Carousel’s specialty department is to locate skilled, accredited medical specialists who can rapidly fill in when the regular doctor is unavailable. Although they are temporary positions, the demand is so tremendous that regular physicians would be unable to take any time off during the year without endangering patients’ access to vital care.

Light the Way Initiative Forges a Path Forward

The Florence Nightingale-inspired Light the Way initiative at Health Carousel was created to help the next generation of nurses get the training and certifications they need. In the United States and a few other countries, this international project is now being carried out.

Health Carousel is making an effort to ensure that both large and small medical facilities have the staff they need to provide top-notch healthcare to their local communities.

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