A Complete Guide To All On 4 Dental Treatment That You Need To Know

We all know that tooth loss is one of the major problems that is faced by the adult population. Tooth loss can be a result of various kinds of tooth problems. This can be from gum diseases to dental trauma. The all on 4 dental implants are one of the simplest dental implant procedures which can give you a smile that definitely feels like the real one. This is an innovative kind of dental treatment that uses four implants in order to replace all the teeth.

These teeth can be from your upper jaw or lower jaw. The two implants are basically placed in the front of your jawbone, and the other two are placed in the back so that it can provide full-bridge support of teeth ranging from 10 -14. This is the method by which you can minimize the level of discomfort. The all on four mexico is a great platform where you can get the best quality of treatment. All the professionals are experts in their work, and you can get your smile back just by getting a simple procedure.

Who are eligible for getting all on 4 treatment?

The all on 4 treatment is designed for people who are in need of a completely new teeth set. If you have broken down teeth or decayed teeth, compromised teeth from gum disease, missing six teeth, or more on a bridge, then getting all on 4 dental treatment is the best suitable option for you. Even if you are suffering from an acid reflux disease, congenitally missing teeth, or trauma, then also you can get this treatment as this treatment works best for treating such issues.

How long does this process take?

Some of the dental implants processes require a lot of time, and they need multiple surgeries, bone grafts. This type of treatment takes weeks or even months of recovery time. But you will be amazed to know that the all on 4 implant process is faster. When you are done with having an x-ray, then you need to allow for a few weeks before your implant surgery.

This is done so that you can get your prosthetic teeth created. It is a surgery which hardly takes 2 hours per jaw. You will get temporary teeth for a few months. This time frame is different from one person to another. Once you are done with replacing your temporary teeth with permanent one from all on fourmexico, then you can have full functioning teeth within 24 hours.

Till now, you might have become familiar with the different aspects of the all on 4 treatment, which you can get from all on four mexico. So, if you want to get your smile back and want to live with confidence, then you should schedule your appointment now and get yourself this treatment. This is an amazing dental treatment that have the potential to change your entire life.

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