8 Best Ways to Keep your Spa Water Clean 

Nothing is more comforting and relaxing than soaking in your spa after a long day. However, if the spa water is dirty, you won’t enjoy soaking or swimming, which could cause health issues. But this shouldn’t bother you; there are various ways to maintain cleanliness in your spa.

Here are practical ways to keep your spa water clean.

  1. Clean the spa filter

Cleaning your spa filter is an excellent way to keep your spa filter clean. Cleaning will depend on how regularly you use your spa, and you can use a schedule. Also, clean the spa filter if you notice a reduction in water flow. Waiting too long before cleaning the spa filter will cause filtration issues and ruin your water.

Moreover, keeping the spa water circulating is another way to keep spa water clean. As the water circulates, it will pass through the filtration system, keeping your spa water clean. Another great way is to use Natural hot tub and spa water treatment products; these will help avoid clogging and enhance the effectiveness of your filter.

  1. Test the water

 Make the necessary adjustments to make sure the water is clean and balanced. To keep your water clean and balanced, opt for natural hot tub and spa treatment products for excellent results.

  1. Use a spa cover

Using a spa cover is a natural way to clean your spa water. It helps keep the warmth inside, lowering heating costs and relieving the pressure of regulating spa temperature. Also, the cover will protect your water from insects, rainwater, dirt, and debris.

  1. Replace the spa filter

After some time, you’ll need to replace your spa filter. Depending on your use and how often you clean it should help you decide when to replace it. As you clean, the filters’ fibers loosen, giving them low trapping power. So, please keep track of your spa filter and replace it to protect your spa water from dirt and particles.

  1. Create a schedule

Consistency is vital in keeping spa water clean and maintaining it. Make a schedule of how you will be cleaning your spa water. Have all the spa supplies you’ll need, such as filter cleaners, test strips, etc.

  1. Shower before soaking

Swimmers come with oil and contaminants and can bring dirt when they enter the spa. That will interfere with your spa water and its clarity. To avoid that, encourage your family members or guests to take a shower or rinse off before soaking in the hot tub.

  1. Use a hose filter

Keeping your spa water balance is crucial for healthy hot tubing. Unfortunately, your garden hose could be allowing water that is not 100% clean into the spa. To avoid this, use a hose filter to ensure that the water entering your spa is clean. Alternatively, you can run your hose through the spa’s filter if you don’t have a hose filter.

  1. Use a tennis ball

Using a tennis ball is a natural way to clean your spa water. In your spa water, the tennis ball fibers will attract dirt and oil and trap them. Though it might not remove all the dirt, you can keep your water clean and contaminants under control.


Keeping your spa water clean doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Knowing and using the best ways will help streamline cleaning your spa water. So, if you want to keep the spa water clean, optimally use the above ways.

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