Some Of The Various Types Of Vaping Devices You Can Use

When you consider taking up vaping as a form of nicotine replacement therapy, there are many choices of devices you can use. It can be daunting when you look at the sheer number of available options, and you will want to choose wisely, so you do not go back to smoking cigarettes. Below are some of the various types of vaping devices you can consider buying to help you decide which type will be best for you and ensure you make an excellent choice.


E-cigarettes were one of the first types of electronic cigarettes you can buy, and they are simple to use and readily available. They can often look like a cigarette, but they are disposable, so you cannot reuse them. There is no way to charge the battery or replenish the vape juice, and the taste is average compared to other available options.

Disposable Vapes

You can also consider using disposable vapes, which are like an e-cigarette but uses the latest technology. These are cheap and simple to use, and the taste is often better than with e-cigarettes. However, once they are finished, they are designed to be disposable, so you cannot recharge their battery or top up the vape juice and carry on using them. They are handy and discreet, and you can keep them in your pocket without worrying about whether the vape juice will leak everywhere.

Pod Vapes

Pod Vapes are another type of device that is simple to use, and they work in a similar way to e-cigarettes. They have two main parts, with one being the battery and the other being the pod, which is often replaceable or refillable. They are an affordable option and the perfect one for someone who wants to satisfy their nicotine cravings and is not looking to create massive plumes of vape smoke.

Box Mods

With this type of vaping device, it gives the user much more control over their vaping experience. They will often have more controls that allow the user to vary the wattage of the vaping device, and they often have better batteries and give a much better performance. You can usually use these devices in both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung, so they are suitable for many types of vapers. If you want to chase clouds, you will need a sub-ohm tank with variable temperature and wattage controls to enhance the overall vaping experience.

Squonk Kits

If you are an advanced vaper, you may want to consider getting a Squonk kit, which is much more technical than the previous devices. There are many different configurations of these devices, and they have become highly popular over the last few years. You can also customise them to how you want to use them, making it a personal experience when vaping.

These are a few of the options you have available when you are looking to dabble in the world of vaping. It is best to try as many devices as you can before deciding which one to use, which will give you the best chance of sticking with vaping and not going back to smoking cigarettes.

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