5 Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol and Taking Drugs

Many people drink alcohol or take drugs to deal with stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. The problem is that these substances can often lead to more problems than they solve. In this blog post, we will discuss the 5 reasons you might want to quit drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

  1. To be more productive

Have you been having a hard time at work, and you no longer seem to be meeting your targets? If this is the case, you should consider giving up drinking alcohol and taking drugs.

Studies have shown that people who drink regularly are less productive at work. It has also been found that employees with substance abuse problems tend to miss more workdays, and they take longer time off from their jobs when they report for duty.

  1. To spend more time with your loved ones

You can’t be around for your loved ones if you are too busy drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

Studies show that people who drink regularly often tend to lose contact with their families and loved ones as they become preoccupied with the desire to consume more of these substances. This is just one of the bad effects of substance abuse which could lead users into losing important relationships in life.

  1. To feel and look good 

Let’s face it; alcohol can make you feel like a mess and sluggish. Not to mention that it can even cause you to have a bad breath which is something unpleasant, especially when in close contact with other people.

On the other hand, drugs are known for causing mood swings, sudden feelings of anxiety, or depression. This is due to its effect on your neurotransmitters which control your emotions. Drug addicts often experience dark circles under their eyes because they are unable to get enough sleep while they are intoxicated most of the time. They also tend to lose interest in grooming themselves too. If you want to feel alive again, it might just be time to join Marchman Act Miami‑Dade County addiction treatment program.

  1. To save more

Addicts spend a lot of money on alcohol and drugs. It is even more expensive than alcohol if you are taking drugs because drug dealers’ prices tend to be higher. When you stop using drugs and drinking alcohol, you will have plenty of money that you can use to pay off your debt or saving for a better future for yourself and family members who depend on you.

  1. To help your kids make the right choices

Your children look up to their parents as role models. If you decide not to drink anymore after years of addiction, this might set an example for your children to follow suit in making healthy decisions later on in life, too, when faced with temptations such as substance abuse.


Alcohol and drug addiction can have a great impact on your health and financial status. To get rid of the negative effects, it is important to stop drinking alcohol and using drugs immediately. For more support, enroll in a treatment that can help you in your recovery journey.

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