Few Do’s and Don’ts While Visiting A Spa

A spa can provide perfect relaxation to you. However, visiting for the first time to such place can be intimidating. Often you may wonder about the dos and don’ts.

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Let us discuss about various do’s and don’ts that you must remember while visiting a spa:

List of dos’

  • Do a booking in advance

It is always better to book in advance to avoid waiting for a long time. In case, you have booked, you can always cancel if needed.

  • Do arrive on time

Try to arrive before your schedule time so that you will get certain amount of time to relax your mind.

  • Do tell the therapist about your allergies

In case, you are allergic to certain things or any skin problem then it is better to tell in the beginning so that therapist will keep it in the mind.

  • Do tell if you feel uncomfortable

If you feel uncomfortable due to light, music or anything in the surrounding then tell that to your therapist so that you can relax better.

  • Do exfoliate before tanning treatment

If you have dry skin, then your tan area will look patchy or uneven. Therefore, you may take shower before visiting the spa.

List of don’ts

  • Don’t use mobile phone

If you remain busy with your mobile phone in texting or talking then you cannot engage yourself in the spa treatment. So, you must switch off your mobile phone.

  • Don’t shout

Since the place will be very quiet talking in mobile and also shouting may disturb others who are present there.

  • Don’t wear jewellery

It is always better to take off all your jewellery items during your treatment which may even disturb the therapist too.

  • Don’t be shy

There is nothing to feel shy before therapist as she is regularly treating people. If needed, you can cover the specific area with towel.

  • Don’t chat

You can relax more if you maintain silence and also your therapist will not feel disturbed too. Therefore, avoid chatting while undergoing spa treatment.

  • Don’t suffer silently

In case, you are feeling pain or discomfort then tell the therapist so that he or she can adjust accordingly.

  • Don’t trim before bikini wax

In case, your hair is not grown enough then the wax may not stick properly and make things little difficult for the therapist.

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