Top Known Disadvantages of Consuming Marijuana

Marijuana, commonly referred to as weed, MaryJane, bhang, cannabis Sativa, or cannabis Indica is a product that is extracted from a plant known as Cannabis. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug substance which people find its use in medical and recreational purposes.

Although it is prevalent among youngsters to smoke a weed joint and cherish the feelings that are brought about by the consumption of Cannabis Indica in particular; feelings of relaxation and euphoria, Mary Jane seemingly has a lot of positive physiological effect and psychological side effects associated with it, which has therefore led it to be made an illegal drug in most parts around the world.

However, the use of this Cannabis plant product is continuing as a result of the development of technologies, which has made it possible for people to be able to access Cheapest online dispensary Canada where they are able to buy weed products, although it has been banned in their nation. Although it has been legalized for industrial and medical use in countries such as Uruguay and Canada, this article will provide you with some of the disadvantages that are associated with the consumption of these drugs substances.

Below are some of the drawbacks associated with the consumption of this marijuana product that you should be aware of.

  1)Gateway to drug abuse

The more an individual pleases his or her body, the more the pleasure their body demands. Therefore it is for the fact that this applies to the consumption of marijuana in the body as well. It has been revealed that the consumption of marijuana is just a gateway for an individual to crave harder drugs.

People who consume marijuana tend to become heavy smokers as time passes by and later on get more attached to the alcoholic beverages as well. There is hardly any individual who started of their drug consumption journey with heroin or cocaine.

Smoking mary jane makes an individual’s body more receptive to drugs and, therefore, creating an urge to consume more dangerous drugs and substances such as heroin and cocaine. As the individual body grows more accustomed to marijuana, these individuals usually resort to harder drugs substance so that they can achieve the same level of satisfaction that they once got from smoking marijuana during their first periods of smoking. Though an individual may probably claim Maryjane is one of the very least harmful of drugs, the risk normally arises when consuming this marijuana product turns to addiction and makes th individuals lose control over their desire for drugs.

2) Reproductive risks

Improper consumption of marijuana for over a long period of time has a high probability of eventually leading to a low sperm count in the male reproductive systems or an increase in the risks of getting testicular cancer, and it is known for a fact.

A clear connection was found between the tumors in the testicular germ cells and the consumption of the cannabis seed products.  Consumption of marijuana has a negative impact on the endocannabinoid system of an individual and is capable of interfering with the hormonal balance of an individual body, thus leading to numerous physiological disorders.

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