The ROM Technologies Portable Connect Helps Patients Recovering From Surgery 

The ROM Technologies PortableConnect helps patients recover from surgery at home

The surgery recovery process can seem like an endless pursuit right after going under the knife. Whether it’s extensive knee surgery or work on the hip, it will take a while to get back to full strength no matter what recovery process is followed.

ROM Technologies hopes to speed up the recovery process more than ever with the help of its patented technology, the PortableConnect. Their telemedicine device helps patients recover from surgery on their terms. 

 It’s gaining popularity with outstanding reviews from doctors and patients.

What is the PortableConnect?

The patented PortableConnect device allows therapeutic movement to build up and expand the patient’s range of motion. The PortableConnect provides a customizable solution depending on what each patient needs. Instead of one intense session, it’s more about frequency, thanks to the convenience of having the device at home.

The average person usually is prescribed a treatment plan that lasts roughly a month. Three to five therapy sessions are necessary every day to see results. While this might seem extensive, breaking the norm of typical rehabilitation makes this setup easier.

What Does the PortableConnect Do?

To get started with the patented PortableConnect, a ROM Technologies field clinician will deliver a device to the patient’s home. They will take care of the initial customization and show how it works.

Once doctors start setting treatment plans, it comes down to doing every therapy session in the allotted time. The device’s beauty is the built-in telehealth technology that allows doctors to plug in and access information directly from patients. In a matter of seconds, they can look at the progress made and give feedback on future steps.

Without ever getting off the device, doctors can have face-to-face communication with patients. Whether it’s a follow-up, a check-in, or just gathering basic information, it’s never been easier to have a quick appointment with a doctor.

For knee surgery patients specifically, ROM Technologies AccuAngle works as an angle tracking wearable that works with the PortableConnect. It is placed on the side of the leg and uses Bluetooth to measure flexion and extension.

The chance to avoid going into a crowded medical office helps with COVID-19 still being a problem around the United States. Patients don’t have to wear masks and worry about anyone nearby having the virus if they do everything at home.

Patient Outcome Expectations

Independent studies show that the patented PortableConnect has a chance to be a true game changer in the industry. The first noticeable difference for patients comes two weeks after a major operation. PortableConnect patients have a 50% chance of showing a solid range of motion, while just 12% of traditional rehab care patients have that type of progression 

Additionally, four out of five PortableConnect patients say they have less pain during recovery than in standard rehab practices. When this is the case, it almost always means patients use fewer painkillers to feel healthy again.

There’s still work a patient needs to put in to see success with thePortableConnect. However, it’s much more motivating to have a rehab device at home instead of constantly going into the office to complete a workout.

People who have already invested in PortableConnect love how they can do what they need to at any time of the day. There’s no need to take off work to get to the doctor’s office and go through traditional rehab. 

Everything is waiting at home, ready when a patient has time.

How Easy is it to Stay Connected With Doctors?

Once PortableConnect is set up at home, it’s easy to stay connected with doctors. A screen allows for face-to-face communication with doctors at a press of a button. Doctors will look at the data and see if changes are needed. It’s simple, effective, and completely replaces most appointments.

Adaptive pedal technology works as it should, automatically adjusting based on a patient’s current range of motion. Patients never have to worry about being pushed too much by a device at home since everything is monitored remotely.

Not only do doctors stay plugged in, but so do patients themselves. Whether looking at the PortableConnect app or checking dynamic therapy protocols, it’s easy to see progress and crunch data. Patients are often motivated by seeing their progress in data form. 

Often, this type of information isn’t necessarily shared with patients at traditional offices. Instead, they only can go off what the doctor says as far as progress is concerned.

Why TeleHealth Solutions Like PortableConnect Are The Future

Going through traditional rehab can be very tedious. Not only are sessions scheduled throughout the week, but it takes time for most people to get to and from the office to complete rehab on time.

PortableConnect essentially gives a recovery device to a recent surgery patient so that they can handle everything at home. It saves time and money as people don’t have to travel to the office. It’s more affordable to have video consultations with a doctor than to schedule a meeting. Everything costs more when done in person.

ROM Technologies has already received considerable praise for PortableConnect. As the company grows, more features will likely become a reality on the PortableConnect to make surgery rehabilitation easier. 

There’s still room for innovation with the device moving forward, but the initial release has many interested in purchasing one after extensive surgery.

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