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If you have low testosterone levels, but you’re still young, the good news is that this condition doesn’t mean the end of your days as a man. The bad news is that if you’re a man in this situation, it can be particularly difficult to cope with. But don’t lose hope because there are things that you can do. For one thing, don’t give up. Most men afflicted by low testosterone do recover and become healthy.

But what causes low testosterone? There are many potential causes for this condition but the most common ones are aging and diabetes. If you’ve had these diseases as you got older, then you may also have had problems with your pituitary gland and thus low testosterone. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, then this is even more likely to be the case.

In many men with low testosterone, the first symptom they experience is impotence or erectile dysfunction. This is usually where doctors start to recommend hormonal replacement therapy. And although this method has been proven effective in many men, doctors warn against relying entirely on it. While this treatment does reduce libido, it can also lead to excessive hair growth in the prostate and sometimes liver damage in some men, so a doctor may ask you to discontinue using testosterone while you undergo this treatment.

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