Here are some of the great advantages when choosing dentures!

Most commonly known as false teeth, dentures are artificial teeth and gums that dentists custom designed to fit to the mouth and replace the lost or removed natural teeth. Adults of all ages can benefit from a full smile. There are many advantages when choosing to get dentures, and here at Dental Care Professionals Australia we have put together a list to help with your consideration.

Advantages of Dentures:

– Improve the appearance of and even correct your smile

– Restores the structure of the mouth which allows a correct bite to help you chew all foods

– Can help improve your speech

– Anchors securely to gums or remaining teeth

– Fit snugly over the gums to eliminate the gaps.

– Dentures are visually matched so almost impossible to see they are false – Can either be full (all teeth) or partial (one, or a few teeth)

– Perfect replicas for missing teeth

– Help increase self confidence

– Save people from discomfort or embarrassment from missing teeth

– Reduces significant mouth and facial pain

– Important contributor to overall oral health

When you are making the decision to choose dentures, here are some other facts and information which you might find useful.

What material they are made from:

Modern dentures are no longer made out of plastic or porcelain, dentures are now made from a resin which is more durable. If you are wondering what the difference is: Traditional porcelain dentures are very vulnerable to cracks and can also break if they are dropped. This makes them less durable and not ideal for long term use. They also cause excessive wear on your natural teeth.Thankfully, modern technology in the dentistry industry has shown there are considerable advances in what materials are used to now make dentures. Most dentures today are generally designed and created using the hard resin. This makes dentures more durable and even more natural looking. Most recently, an acrylic resin has been made available as the most preferred material for dentures as false teeth. Acrylic dentures can also be affixed much more securely at the denture base where the gum or other teeth.

Cleaning and maintaining your dentures:

It is advised to always remove your dentures before going to sleep so that you can give your gums some time to relax and also avoid damage to the mouth and gums. If you wear dentures overnight, it can put extra pressure and strain on your gums and also the bones underneath in your jaw. Submerge your dentures fully in warm, (but not hot), water to clean and disinfect them.

However, only soak them if your dentures do not have any metal attachments. Solutions containing chlorine can tarnish and corrode the metal in your dentures if they have metal attachments..

Types of dentures which you could choose:

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are used after any faulty teeth have been removed. Also known as full dentures, they are designed and are fabricated by an experienced dentist so that they fit over the root canaled teeth properly. A complete denture is the conventional form of denture which also helps replace the complete arch of the missing teeth. The dentist will place in the complete dentures after eight to twelve weeks after the tooth extraction and healing. Complete dentures will usually be the removable type, but it is also possible to get them installed permanently with the help of your dentist.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures help you function more normally while you are chewing and talking, and basically improve your quality of life. They are ideal for people who are only missing one or few natural teeth. Partial dentures will not only fill any gaps which had been created by missing teeth, but will prevent other teeth from changing position.These dentures are made from a resin base, and will consist of the one or more artificial teeth on it. They are placed in the mouth, and held in place by metal clasps and the pink-colored base, and depending on your requirements, you may choose between removable partial dentures or have fixed bridges. And of course they do closely resemble natural teeth and gums, so they will help improve the look of your smile.

Immediate dentures

To save you from embarrassment in public without teeth, an immediate denture is placed in your mouth on the same day of the teeth extraction.The dentist will analyse the form and size of your remaining natural teeth, by first taking an impression of your mouth before any teeth are extracted, and then he will begin preparing immediate dentures to match the shape, colour and the arrangement of your natural teeth. This could be a complete denture or partial denture. Besides providing an immediate improvement and general aesthetics for the patient by improving the natural facial expressions, immediate dentures will also protect the tissues and even reduce bleeding after the tooth extraction. Then after approximately 6 -7 months post extraction, and once the healing has occurred, the dentist will have to rebase or redesign them.

Dentists do play a much broader role than just replacing any missing teeth. Not only does properly fitted dentures help improve speech, and allows you to pronounce words and sounds properly, they also enhance eating abilities and freshen up your smile. Look forward to having your new dentures and the advantages which come alongside a bright smile. Find out if your eligible for Same Day Dentures!

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