5 Hacks to Cut Your Salon Expenses in 2021 and Beyond

Salon expenses can really burn a hole in your pocket. Plus, with the ongoing pandemic, the risk of infection looms large. But don’t let all that make you compromise on looking your best. There are things that you can do at home just as well as the salon professionals. For instance, why pay hundreds of rupees for a salon wax sesion when you can get the same results at home at a fraction of the cost with the best body hair removal cream?

So, here’s a look at some ways you can cut back on your salon expenses.

1.      Haircuts

Instead of spending ₹1,000 for a haircut that takes just an inch off, try and give yourself a trim at home. This will also help you get rid of the split ends and your hair will grow better. Also, you will also have control on the length that is cut off, rather than cribbing about your hairdresser taking off too much.

2.      Facials

Although the number of products used during and after a facial might seem like the things that make your skin feel soft and smooth, the truth is that only two or three of those products actually give your skin that healthy glow, the rest is just for their fragrances. You can also switch from threading every month to hair removal strips for your upper lip and eyebrow region, adding to the savings.

3.      Waxing

This process is not only time consuming but also not very pocket friendly, especially if you are going in for full body waxing at a salon. So, rather than spending ₹2,000 on a professional wax job, switch to body hair removal creams or wax strips for a DIY hair removal session. These are extremely effective and won’t leave you disappointed.

4.      Mani-Pedi

Your nails don’t always need the soft bubbly therapy. Sometimes just soaking your feet and hands in warm soapy water for about 15 minutes and scrubbing them well can do the job. You can shop online for a mani-pedi kit, which has all the tools you need to get a clean and well-groomed look. You can then trim your nails and apply a moisturiser to get that soft and smooth feel. Finish it up with favourite nail colour.

5.      Smoothening/ Keratin

Many who prefer specific hair go in for treatments like smoothening and keratin to get that pin-straight look. Although they are under the impression that this strengthens and smoothens the hair, such treatments can actually do more harm than good. Plus it could cost you up to ₹10,000, depending on where you get it done. Instead, invest in a good quality hair straightener and a heat protectant gel.

So, go ahead and take control of your beauty regime and look your best without having to go over budget in the process. Every woman deserves to look and feel good about herself at all times.

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